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Exploring Global Peacemaking in the Digital Age

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Considering challenges of today's digital communication revolution, world peace seems to hang in the balance. This book balances the roles of education and communication in creating a worldview which promotes world peace. Need: Too often our media fill us with fear. It is important to develop educational strategies to replace fatalistic attitudes with transparency and optimism. While this might be done with educational content, it’s equally important to re-examine the context in which education is delivered. This text will examine problems and opportunities in the ways education can contribute to global peace. Separate analysis examines changes in today's communication context which have the potential to enhance or hinder efforts supporting global peace. Against this background, specific changes in education and communication are suggested. Additionally, problems of parenting and family violence are considered, along with sociological and psychological barriers to peace in today's world. Conflict resolution is seen as one method to solve these problems and minimize the threat of nuclear war.

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