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The Author's Workbook, by Patricia Fry

Here is a useful workbook for authors who have realized they must roll up their sleeves and get to work if Cover Art:  The Author's Workbookthey want to sell their own books.

A well-coordinated workbook to accompany Fry's "The Right Way to Publish and Self Your Book," this resource covers project planning, evaluation, choosing a publisher, manuscript identity, book proposal, query letter, logs, selling a self-published book, book promotion plans, bookkeeping, and resources.

Patricia Fry brings the voice of tough experience to new writers, and she does better than anyone ese in balancing the idealism of a new writer with the realities of the marketplace..

Any new writer is well-advised to purchase and use both of these resources, for mistakes can be very expensive and personally disappointing.

Bruce Cook, Ph.D.

Publisher, ReserveBooks.com