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Dark through the Delta, Uche Peter Umez, eDu-eDy Publications 2004

ByDark through the Delta
Uche Peter Umez

Title:  Dark through the Delta (Poetry)

Author:  Uche Peter Umez

Publisher:  eDu-eDy Publications

In Dark through the Delta, Uche Peter Umez uses language of the heart tom lament political problems and social situations that will haunt every Nigerian citizen. He chronicles years of the 1990s and tackles many situations that all will remember. At the same time, Uche points to a future of change, and shares his dream, “flowering in this frail dawn.”

Umez was born in Lagos in 1975, and hails from Obiakpu, Ohaji/Egbema in Imo State, Nigeria. He studied Government & Public Administration at Abia State University. He has published two volumes of poetry, “Dark through the Delta” and “Aridity of Feelings.” His fiction has appeared in Author Africa 2006 and on


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