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101 Things you didn't know about Einstein* - Sex, Science, and the Secrets of the Universe, by Cynthia Phillips (Ph.D) & Shana Priwer

Einstein Book CoverReviewed By Dr.Claude Shema Rutagengwa

General coordinator

Great Lakes Peace Initiative(GLPI)


Sure, you've heard of Einstein's theory of relativity. But do you really know what it means? Even if you do, there is a lot more to be learned about this eccentric genius. Did you know he worked to develop hearing aids? Or that a student actually spotted a mistake in one of his papers? And you will never what happened to Einstein's brain after he died"


The book highlights the mysterious life of Einstein. Some times the authors-Cynthia Phillips (Ph.D) & Shana Priwer - approached the private life of this genius immortal scientist, like his love and intimate relationships, his hobbies, his failures and success.


According to the authors of this book, when Einstein was 11 years old, he was a very curious child, and he was reading philosophy and religion in addition to his regular school courses, and he got inspired in science by his uncle Caesar Koch.


Even though he had a talent in many other things, Einstein failed the entrance exams for the ETH (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule) in 1895. But he succeeded later in many other important things. As a failure, Einstein wasn't a good faithful husband, because in 1902 he fathered a child out of wedlock, and went on to marry the child's mother. Then, for this reason and other related issues, his reputation among his neighbours was as a womanizer.


But positively, he succeeded in so many other things(Mathematics and physics) like discovering and performing the theory of relativity after a slight failure of Italian Galileo Galilei(1564-1642), and peace ideology.


Inside this book,you may learn about how and why Einstein was offered the role of President of Israel more than once and he humbly refused, why and how Einstein's theories have led to the development of the Global Positioning System(GPS), and more + more than the way I can write it.


Enjoy it!



-Relativity is just the beginning-!

*for more details about the book,read
ISBN 1-59337-388-0
Copyright 2005,F+W Publications Co.


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