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Unlikely Heroes: Ordinary Men and Women Whose Courage Won the Revolution (Shadow Mountain)


Unlikely Heroes Cover ArtThis was a collection of 31 short stories averaging 8 pages in length. It makes for a very quick read.

Each story tells the tale of a little known, seemingly insignificant event (at the time) that had a profound impact on the American victory over the British during the Revolutionary War.

It was inspiring to read of the perfervid patriotism of these people given their ordeals of facing the mightiest military in world with little training, their near starvation, irregular pay, and various states of dishabille. Many were barefoot in the winter and had to cut off their own frostbitten toes!

How Washington and his generals were able to maintain morale among these troops is a testament to their leadership and devotion to country. It’s amazing to think of our nation today from these humble beginnings.

Michael Kainrath

The Virginian-Pilot

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