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Author Africa Series from - Short stories from emerging African authors.

Author Africa 2007

Author Africa 2007 - Edited by Winona Rasheed

Print: $15.95

WINONA RASHEED (editor). The gift of successful writing has again brought to the forefront the creative minds of nine talented, African writers whose skills are reflected through out the pages of "Author Africa 2007." These brilliant writers have demonstrated through their works that "the pen is mightier than the sword," their creativity and their craft of writing is like a flower garden beginning to bloom……….inspiring and intriguing!

Author Africa 2008

Author Africa 2008 - Winona Rasheed (compiler)

Print: $15.95

WINONA RASHEED (compiler). This collection of stories from African authors documents top fiction of 2008. With all the conflict and turmoil that plague the very depths of Africa, from one end of the spectrum to the other, the Dark Continent still manages to produce remarkable and outstanding authors as shown throughout the pages of Author Africa, 2008.

Author Africa 2009

Author Africa 2009 - Winona Rasheede (compiler)

Print: $13.24

A collection of authentic fiction by African authors publishing on in 2008.

Author Africa 2010

Author Africa 2010 -

Author Africa 2011

Author Africa 2011 -

Print: $7.68

The Crippled Marriage, by Henry Onyema Maria’s Vision, by Austin Kaluba Another Life, by Mubanga Mulapa Katsanga Kenye, by Moraa Gitaa Running Mate, by Shadreck Chikoti Juba’s Gala Nights, by John Oryem

Author Africa 2012

Author Africa-

Print: $12.99

Articles by African Authors from I Hate Sunday, Olusola Akinwale The Garden of Edna, by Ken Kamoche The Proposal, by Akinyi Princess of K’Orinda-Yimbo Downtown Incidents, by Steve Ogah You Smile, by Chika Onyenezi

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