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The Science of Success






The Science of Achieving Success: eXtreme Success Training, by S.M. Zakir Hussain (book)

Print: $9.99

Dr. Mabior








The Politics of Managing the Boss (book), By S.M. Zakir Hussain

Print: $16.04

By S.M. ZAKIR HUSSAIN. Managing the Boss is like managing one’s wife: one must give more than what one wants to get, but ironically, the wife afterwards thinks she has gotten less than she gave. “Then why the hell do I ever need to manage him?” you might be asking the author. Well, it is because he wants to be managed.

Bone of my Heart








Peace of Mind: Reflect, Smile and Laugh, by Dr. Clause Shema Rutagengwa

Print: $13.60

DR. CLAUDE SHEMA RUTAGENGWA - The arrival of the Internet, television and telephone plays a key role in easing our daily schedules. Unfortunately, the time for smiling or laughing has never been an easy pearl to find. Refreshment of mind seems to be as far away as the moon unless we do it from the school or any other sort of formal or informal training. As human beings, we need some important pillars at our side so that we shall be real human beings. Coping with stress, as a single way to stay pure and intact, is the only way that helps. Unfortunately this is not easy for all of us and the appropriate psychotherapy as an ultimate way to get out from the stressful state is extremely costly. Therefore, through our peace of mind, reflection and laughter, we are able to overcome all odds that trigger our hidden accumulated stress and fatigue to cause us troubles and impede our well-being.

PDF $4.99


Between your Earlobes






Between Your Earlobes: A Personal Discovery of Treasures found while Living with Back Pain, by Deloris Jenkins

Print: $24.97

DELORIS JENKINS - I felt God’s hand, strong in mine. We began a walk unlike no walk I had ever taken before. There would be times of anguish and pain but his rein would hold me tight. My body pain eased. Having to let go and let God take over was just not like I had been used to doing, but now I had no other choice.

ePub Edition $8.99


I Wil Lift Up Mine Eyes





I Will Lift up Mine Eyes: 366 Daily Devotionals in Poetry and Scripture, by Lisa DeVinney

Print: $22.95

LISA DEVINNEY - I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes is a book of responses, in poetry, to God’s precious Word. They are arranged in such a way as to encourage the reader to be daily in the Word of God, seeking His wisdom, comfort, conviction and encouragement. Daily time in God’s Word will never be wasted time. And these short devotionals are a great way to take just a moment of each day to redirect the reader’s gaze back to where our help comes from…the Lord.


God Created You





God Created You, by Dr. Rick Martin (book)

Print: $16.95 - Special! $4.99

DR. RICK MARTIN - How a person behaves is a combination of temperament, living in the strengths and/or weaknesses of their temperament, environment, decisions they have made or not made, conclusions they have drawn or not drawn about right and wrong, their relationship with God or lack thereof.

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