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Poetry of Peace and Harmony, by Guy Créquie

Print: $48.60

GUY CRÉQUIE. In this book the author proclaims the beauty and variety of our planet. His promenade includes verbal paths of nature, humanity, culture, love, war, violence, terrorism, peace and human diversity. He has poetized the many places he has traveled and invited his readers to accompany him as a UNESCO messenger and opera singer throughout the world for five decades. He dissects the evolution of the present world and its rise of populism and fanaticism which has caused death and sorrow and destructive war. He anticipates the need for a rebirthed humanity, awakened by education and social awareness, based on values that promote peace and harmony. Here we find an artist, Guy Créquie, an inveterate philosopher, who has something vital to say to mankind through his poetry and who also has gifted the book musical links to his memorable with his musical opera tunes.


Poésie de la Paix et de l’Harmonie, by Guy Créquie

Print: $59.95

GUY CRÉQUIE. Dans ce livre l'auteur proclame la beauté et la diversité de notre Planète. Sa promenade inclut des chemins verbaux de la nature, l'humanité, la culture, l’amour, la guerre, la violence, le terrorisme, la paix et la diversité humaine. Il a poétisé les nombreux endroits qu’Il a voyagé, et a invité ses lecteurs à lui accompagner comme messager de l'UNESCO et chanteur d’opéra dans le monde entier depuis cinq décennies. Il dissèque l'évolution du monde actuel et sa montée du populisme et du fanatisme qui a causé la tristesse, la mort, et la guerre qui destructrice. Il anticipe le besoin d'une humanité enlacée, réveillé par l'éducation et la conscience sociale, basée sur des valeurs qui favorisent la paix et l'harmonie. On retrouve ici un artiste, Guy Créquie, un philosophe invétéré qui a quelque chose d'essentiel à dire à l'homme à travers sa poésie et qui a aussi doués les liens musicaux du livre à sa mémorable avec ses airs de l'opéra musical.


Cover- Shadows







Shadows of Death, by William Khalipwina Mpina

Print: $17.97

WILLIAM KHALIPWINA MPINA - The poems in Shadows of Death and other poems epitomize life in the developing countries like Malawi. The selection of poems in this book represents a celebration of Africa’s culture as perceived by the author. They portray life as the natives and others live it and continue to live, creatively painting a picture of what does exist in the ‘Dark’ Continent. They commemorate the distinctiveness of Africans as regards to freedom and economic development. They are a torch that exposes how the ailing economies in many nations may not recover from their state of unconsciousness any time soon. Major themes include poverty, death, abuse of power, HIV and Aids, love, lies, corruption, liberty and disloyalty. The book is a demonstration of the poetic road the author has travelled over the years while visualizing shadows of death in Africa.

Reflections by the Pond





Reflections by the Pond: Hilarie Roseman’s Poetry, by Hilarie Roseman

Print: $9.95

HILARIE ROSEMAN - We are all boat people in Australia, except for the indigenous Aboriginals who are only now being respected and included, hopefully in a legal way, into our culture. For us who came on boats from Ireland, we still retain some of the hurt from 600 years of occupation by Britain, and the dependence on a little drink at the pub to make it all go away. Dealing with the hot potatoes of the past, and the new issues of the present, multi-culturalism, terrorism, and climate change everyone needs all the help they can get. And you will understand that this information should be freely available, and also freely taught to enable us all to live together in peace.


Pilgrimaging in Love:





Pilgrimaging in Love: A Selection of Poems, by Lida Sherafatmand

Print: $17.50

LIDA SHERAFATMAND - Lida Sherafatmand is known as a painter, but over the years her poetry has been published in several anthologies and books. Born in 1977 in Iran (the old Persia), she experienced a childhood during war time under the newly formed regime of the 1979 revolution. Her birth city, Khorramshahr was completely destroyed in the bombardments at the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980's. At the age of 15 Lida discovered the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through Amnesty International, and she saw this declaration like an opening door to a more humane world, where people can be respected regardless their nationality or culture. Her paintings focused on human rights issues were published by major bodies such as Amnesty International, UN, UNESCO, and many non-governmental organisations. Her more recent art works appear on numerous art and cultural journals internationally. Lida is based in Malta.


I Will Lift Up My EyesI Will Lift up Mine Eyes: 366 Daily Devotionals in Poetry and Scripture, by Lisa DeVinney

Print: $22.95

By LISA DEVINNEY. I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes is a book of responses, in poetry, to God’s precious Word. They are arranged in such a way as to encourage the reader to be daily in the Word of God, seeking His wisdom, comfort, conviction and encouragement. Daily time in God’s Word will never be wasted time. And these short devotionals are a great way to take just a moment of each day to redirect the reader’s gaze back to where our help comes from…the Lord.


Innisfree 7Innisfree Poetry Journal, (vol. 7, September, 2008 book) more

Print: $6.64

GREG McBRIDE (editor). Innisfree 7 continues our series of Closer Looks at the poetry of a leading contemporary poet, this time with a generous selection of poems by Marianne Boruch. I expect that any readers unfamiliar with her work will find this to be a revelatory experience, one that will surely inspire you to read more widely from her books, including her most recent collection, Grace, Fallen from (Wesleyan University Press, 2008).



Innisfree 9Innisfree Poetry Journal, (vol. 8, March, 2009) book) more

Print: $6.90

GREG McBRIDE (editor). Welcome to Innisfree 8. We continue our series of Closer Looks at the work of a leading contemporary poet, this time the poems of Dan Masterson. For this special issue honoring him and his work, Dan has shared with us a set of authentically gritty poems that arise from his lifelong interests in boxing, drumming, and Catholicism, as well as an autobiographical essay titled Sticks & Fists & Rosaries, which illuminates the origins of these poems.



Innisfree 9Innisfree Poetry Journal, (vol. 9, September, 2010) book) more

Print: $6.48

GREG McBRIDE (editor). With Innisfree 9, we continue our series of Closer Looks at the poetry of an exceptional contemporary poet, this time with a generous selection of poems from the books of Alice Friman, a worthy successor to our previous Closer Looks.



Innisfree 10Innisfree Poetry Journal, (vol. 10, March, 2010) book) more

Print: $9.42

GREG MCBRIDE, editor. With Innisfree 10, we continue our series of Closer Looks at the poetry of an exceptional contemporary poet, this time with a generous selection of poems from the books of John Koethe..



Innisfree 11Innisfree Poetry Journal, (vol. 11, September, 2010) book) more

Print: $7.22

With Innisfree 11, we continue our series of Closer Looks at the poetry of an exceptional contemporary poet, this time with a generous selection of poems from the books of Eleanor Wilner..



Innisfree 12Innisfree Poetry Journal, (vol. 12, March, 2011) book) more

Print: $5.60

GREG McBRIDE (editor), A Closer Look: Rod Jellema and Bruce Bennett, Brent Calderwood, Ann Cale, Sarah Crossland, Philip Dacey, Tiffany Desmangles, Moshe Dor on Rod Jellema, Lucia Galloway, Jane Ellen Glasser, Barbara Goldberg on Charles Simic, Joey Goodall, Heidi Hart, Richard Harteis, R.J. Hooker, Thomas G. Irwin, Catherine Jagoe, LuAnn Keener-Mikenas, Jean L. Kreiling, Mercedes Lawry, Lyn Lifshin, Greg McBride on David Salner, Miles David Moore, Sherry O'Keefe, Jane Olmsted, Marie Pavlicek-Wehrli, Simon Perchik, Kathleen Radigan, Oliver Rice, David Salner, Lynda Self, Peter Serchuk, Janice D. Soderling, Ellen Steinbaum, Tim Suermondt, Kim Cope Tait, Brigit Truex, Michael J. Whelan, Leonore Wilson



Innisfree 13Innisfree Poetry Journal, (vol. 13, September, 2011) book) more

Print: $7.20

GREG McBRIDE (editor), A Closer Look: Martin Galvin and Jenn Blair, Kim Bridgford, Lara Candland, Gayle Reed Carroll, Grace Cavalieri, Catherine Chandler, Jen Coleman, Barbara Westwood Diehl, Jean Free, Monique Gagnon German, Kirsten Hampton, Maryanne Hannan, Adam Hanover , John Harn, Gretchen Hodgin, Deborah Howard, Charles Hughes, Rod Jellema on Martin Galvin, Jacqueline Jules, Maham Khan, Ann Knox, Len Krisak, Michael Lauchlan, Lyn Lifshin, Diane Lockward, Laura Manuelidis, David McAleavey, Amanda Jane McConnon, John McKernan, George Moore, Jean Nordhaus on Moshe Dor, Andrea O'Brien, Andrew H. Oerke, Anthony Opal, Laura Orem on Michele Wolf, Barbara J. Orton, William Page, Beth Paulson, John Perrault, Dan Pettee, Oliver Rice, Elisavietta Ritchie, W.M. Rivera, James Robison, Hilary Sideris, Janice D. Soderling, Terence Winch, Rosemary Winslow on Ann Knox, Kathi Wolfe, Katherine E. Young on Ann Knox



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