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Up on Cherry Creek (book), By Jenny Wren

Print: $27.51

JENNY WREN - Here we present for your reading pleasure a portraiture of Jenny Wren’s grandparents, parents, and the oldest three members of 'The Dirty Dozen' who were fashioned from a hardy stock that was shared by the early settlers in Cherry Creek and Eastland, Tennessee.

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Amna's Tears and Other Stories (book), BY Oryem Onguti Loguca - Sudan

Print: $14.95

ORYEM ONGUTI LOGUCA - From Night Visitors... The tree trunks were wet, his tiny hands trying to slip; sweat kept on gushing out from all over his body. He allowed himself to be suspended by his toes. Even his naked belly grew claws to cling hard on the tamarind branches.



Cover- Amna's Tears






A Bond that Crumbled Tradition (book), BY Kenechukwu Obi- Nigeria

Print: $14.68

KENECHUKWU OBI - An age-long tradition bars sons and daughters of the rich and the poor from inter-marrying in their land. Then comes this unexpected unique love that dares to challenge the tradition with its guts of steel. This love yields a bond in the conflict which ensues. A bond that makes the reunion of two hearts, which are its source, inevitable; leaving the tradition with only an option it can't help but accept.

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